5 Android Apps to boost your productivity


The greatest obstacle to productivity today is undoubtedly procrastination. It is something I am sure all of us can relate to. Here we are listing down several extremely useful Android Apps to beat procrastination and enhance productivity. We are not listing too many but what we are listing is a complete package which anyone can use to make their days much more productive.

  1. Habitica: 
    Habitica is a free productivity which treats habit building like a game with rewards and punishments to keep one motivated for a period minimum to build a permanent habit effectively. One can use it to inculcate habits like getting up early, hitting the gym etc.
  2. Todoist: It is a to-do list with an array of incredible features while maintaining simplicity. It syncs multiple devices and helps one keep track of things that needs to get done. It comes with reminders and statistics to check whether productivity is improving or not.
  3. Evernote: It is one of the best note taking apps out there. In this age of information, we are becoming more and more forgetful. Evernote helps us to take notes quickly and seamlessly syncs across devices so that the notes are accessible anywhere.
  4. Last Pass: We have so many online accounts and to keep them secure we need strong and different passwords for each account. Last Pass stores all passwords in one place and is highly secure. You only need to remember one password. No more wasting time remembering passwords.
  5. Google Now

     Google Search has become indispensable in today’s life for finding relevant information quickly, and Google Now is the perfect assistant to speed up one’s work.