5 things to do before buying a bike


Those who have rode bikes will say that it is one of the easiest things to do and there is nothing like the thrill of a long ride especially with your lady love behind you. There is a whole bunch of youngsters out there waiting for the day when they finally buy their first bike. But there are a few things one needs to take care of before buying a bike in order to be safe themselves and for the bike to have a longer life.

    1. Driving Lessons:
      Don’t think just because you can ride a bicycle, you would be able to learn motor cycle on your own, or with help from a friend or from YouTube videos. You really need professional supervision in order to learn to drive the right way.
    2. Buy 2nd hand bike:While learning there are bound to be pitfalls (maybe literally). Also in the process of perfecting your driving skills you might end up seriously screwing up the bike, so better go for a cheap 2nd hand bike first.
    3. Safety first: Before you start driving on streets and highways be ready with your safety gear such as helmet, gloves and jacket. Better safe than sorry.
    4. Get insured: 

      Insurance costs practically nothing as compared to the bike but it’s benefits are far reaching. It is required to get license and registration. It might also cover a part of medical bills if, God forbid, you meet with an accident.

    5. Buy dream bike:

      After your hands are set on your second hand bike, now save money and buy your dream bike. Don’t forget to register it as well.

    6. License and Registration:Unless you want to get a driving ticket from the traffic police, it is very important that you follow the law. Remember not only yours but others life is also on your hands.