10 Quotes by MS Dhoni that will give you a picture of his true character


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the current captain of the Indian cricket team and One of the Best Wicket-Keeper Batsmen of All time.The tactician who has nothing left to achieve. He has captained a side filled with legends, as well as a side filled with new comers. He has won every ICC trophy there is, and has an extremely enviable quality to stay calm under pressure. He likes to back a few players who he feels can deliver for him and gives them ample opportunities to prove themselves.He is not only a good Cricketer but also a good speak person also.
Here is some popular quotes of MS Dhoni.


2. Die :

3. Batting :

 4. National Duty :

5. Don’t Drink Alcohol :

6. Commitment :

7. Trust :