7 creepy traditions in the world which will freak your brain out.


Every culture and religion around the world have their uniqueness which makes it different from the rest. However, there are certain traditions followed by a varied spectrum of people over the globe which cannot be justified in any way.

1. Thaipusam

This is popular in South India and South East Asia. This event celebrates the victory of Lord Murugan over a demon. People use sharp objects to pierce different parts of their bodies. In fact, some people even perform extreme and risky tasks such as pulling cars using hooks which have been pierced to their backs.

2.Night hunting in BhutanThis culture is also popular as “Bomena” in east of Himalayas. People who are looking to marry in the recent future, break into houses of young girls at night. They stay there the whole night but in case, someone catches them red-handed, they have to either marry that girl or work for the girl’s father as a form of punishment.
This tradition has been criticised negatively by a lot of people, since it increase the number of events of sexual abuse in the country.

3.Hindu Thaipusam festival piercingsThaipusam is celebrated mostly by Tamil Hindus to commemorate the occasion when Lord Murugan’s mother, the goddess Parvati gave him a vel (or spear) so that he could vanquish an evil demon. A Malaysian devotee has an enormous vel or spear piercing his cheek. He is celebrating Thaipusam, a festival commemorating the Hindu god of war, Lord Murugan .

4.Bullet ant gloves


Boys of the Amazonian tribe have to prove their manhood when they come of age by wearing a woven mitt in which deadly creatures called bullet ant are placed. Then, they wear these mitts on hands and dance for 10 minutes.
The bizarre part is that they have to repeat this at least 20 times in their lifetime.

5.Pen!s Festival

Also known as Kanamara Matsuri, this is popular in Japan. A large structure, shaped like a penis is carried by people through the streets of the city. According to the legends, a demoness used to seduce men and kill them, and she was stopped only by a metal penis to destroy her “special weapon”.This is also popular among sex workers, since they believe this festival will keep away STDs and protect them.

6.Prohibited from entering the bathroom after weddingThis is practised in Indonesia by the Tidong community. The couple is not allowed to enter the bathroom for three days after their wedding. They are kept under heavy supervision by their relatives. After three days, they can continue going to the bathroom as usual. This is practised to keep away bad luck.

7. Baby throwingThis ritual involves throwing a newborn baby off a 50ft high temple and then catching them with a cloth. This tradition has been celebrated for more than 500 years. Couples who are being blessed with a child after they visit Sri Santeswar temple practice this tradition