Top 10 perfectly mistimed clicks that are ruling the web today


People often say a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe it is wrong because these images are worth ten thousand words each. You will have to look twice to understand what’s going on in there.

These misleading photos will make you say WTF because all of them taken at hilariously perfect timing that misleads our view.

Mirrors reflect our true selves, undoubtedly.

Here is the lady Gulliver of the 21st century.What has Global Warming Done to Us.Such big ………………………….. muscles. WTF.


Would you love it if this would be the new dress code for pubs..?


Are you watching closely?


So, does this explain the saying that men are…..faithful?


Just pray it doesn’t shit on him.

Sitting on an ass can put shame on an ass.

>When you dream of a BMW but you end up in a van.