Here is what happens when people go embarassingly too far with selfies.


Yahoo messenger, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, what’s next? It’s Snapchat ruling the social media currently and giving a good competition to other social media giants. People are catching every moment of their life and putting it on Snapchat. Some people absolutely hate Snapchat, but there are other friends who are as crazy as you are to put every seconds of life in Snapchat.
But, here is the twist. There is something called Snapchat screenshots. Some selfies can be embarrassing for you and before you take it down there are other people to take snapchat screenshots and enjoy your ‘oolala’ moments. It can be a treat for them.

Below we have listed 10 awkward and embarrassing snapchat screenshots that you must see…

1.It’s not the daughter who surprised me but what made her mum do that O_o

2.When someone takes Snapchat screenshots of your stories and it becomes their story. Pretty embarrassing.3.Weird Snapchat screenshots okay4.They seem too closeThese two brothers seem to be very close, very very close indeed.

5.When you go for sleepover but don’t find a bed .She seems to be busted. It’s yuck! And this screenshot was rather temporary but now it will become a reason to laugh forever for the rest of the world.

6.Uh-oh ! Your boo already did.7.This one is clever though8.Get CAUGHT !!9.Shit !10.Poor chap!