15 pictures which will prove life will never stop fooling with You.


If you think that you’re having a bad day today you might be wrong after watching all these pictures which we are going to share with you some of these pictures are hilarious and some are ridiculous if you are cursing your life or having a bad day think twice after seeing these photos because we know you will be cheering your life and your luck.

1.No way to go

2. No Snickers…. WHY???

3. Worst day a job

4.Worst Jump ever for taking a photo

5. Never wear a vest at beach

6. Hats off to the guy who took selfie instead of blowing out fire!

7.This is the worst day ever

8.Girls watch your heads…..

9.Don’t have any bottler opener option left


11. R.I.P

12. Watch out the door

13.Driver is surely in a hurry

14.Don’t park under the trees