Did you know these other things that please your girl except your d*ck ?


Pleasure is an important aspect of life – it can come in many forms, even in moments of privacy! This article has a list of top 10 techniques of gaining pleasure which can prove to be of great help in deriving satisfaction using the same amount of effort. If you are not interested, I should tell you that you are really missing out on a lot of important stuff!!!!

lets continue………..

1.Try two  vibrat0rs at once

When one doesn’t do the trick, try with two – trust me, it will work wonders!

2. Grab a towel

Roll the towel, now sit on a chair and then grind on the roll!

3.Keep a mirror in front of you and watch yourself do it.

4.Switch positions – no one is noticing you.

5.Learn some new techniques with the pillow.

6.Copy whatever is happening in the film.