These 15 most cruest punishment for rapists will haunt you..


Rape is considered to be the most offensive crime all over the world. Rape victims are many times looked down upon by the orthodox society and they have to go through immense mental torture without any fault. The horrible impact of mental and physical assault ruins the victim’s life.
Governments of different countries all across the world have come up with strong laws against sexual assault to ensure the safety of their citizens and to make sure that the culprits to the heinous crime cannot roam free.

So, here are the most brutal punishments for rapists in different countries of the world:



India made its rape punishment laws even stronger after the Anti-Rape Bill passed in 2013. The rapist is either given an imprisonment of 14 years and in rarest of the rarest case, the rapist is hanged to the death.



The meritocratic leadership of China punishes the rapist straight away with a death sentence and in some scenarios rapist are also punished by the mutilation of their genitals.


In Iran, the rapist is either hanged or shot to death in public. Sometimes the guilty escapes the death penalty by the permission from the victim but is still liable for 100 lashes or life imprisonment.


Justice is given to the victim in Afghanistan in just four days by shooting the rapist in the head.Rape cases are very far and few in Afghanistan, because you’ll be shot in the head within four days of being caught – that or hanged.

5.Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one such country where laws are quite strict. If a person has been convicted of rape in this country, then he is sedated and beheaded in public within days of his trial.


Russia doesn’t have as strict laws as other countries in this list. A rapist can walk away after serving 3 to 6 years in jail. However, the imprisonment can range from 10-20 years in cases where the rapist has cause grievous damage.


Any kind of sexual activity without the consent of both is regarded as rape in Norway. Punishment of rape in this country is an imprisonment of 4-15 years, depending on the extent of damage.

8.The USA

USA has two kinds of law- state law and federal law. If a rape case falls under the federal law, then the rapist can be awarded a few years of imprisonment to imprisonment for his entire life.


Punishment of rape in Egypt is death by hanging. This country still follows the old school method for punishment but rape is one crime that deserves death.

10.North Korea

Death by firing squad is what a rapist can expect in North Korea as his punishment. This country’s line of justice is not very clear and hence firing squad is used as a cover up.


In France, the rapist is punished with 15 years of jail time with torture which can be extended to 30 years or lifetime imprisonment depending upon the extent of damage caused to the victim.


Any kind of sexual assault, even including a French kiss without the consent of one is considered a rape in Netherlands. The rapist is punished with imprisonment ranging from 4 to 15 years depending on the age of convict.Even a sexual assault on a prostitute will lead to an imprisonment of 4 years in Netherlands whereas most of the countries are not concerned about the sexual assault on prostitutes.


In Israel, the rapist gets imprisoned for minimum four years and a maximum of 16 years.


In UAE, the punishment of sexual assault or rape is death by hanging. There is no compensating, you rape you die within 7 days.


In Greece, the rapist is punished with incarceration.

So,These are the most brutal rape punishments around the world