These photos will prove that there is small kids will always be more entertaining than Kapil Sharma.


Kids are always getting up to all kinds of mischief, or just doing things that make you laugh. They rarely think even for a second about the consequences of what they’re doing, or realises just how funny they look. Sometimes, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. We think laughter is always the better option.

Take a look at these photos; we think you’ll agree!

1.When visiting a building site it’s important to wear the appropriate safety gear.

2.Hey, you! Give me back my magic wand!

3.Finally! Their batteries ran out.

4.Her first pigtail.

5. How about I scrub your back?

6.I don’t fall asleep that easily!

7. It’s tiring work going to the toilet. Very tiring……

8. Trust me, this is the only way he’ll get over his cold…

9. You don’t need to go on holiday to lie on the beach. Just have kids!

10.Children are like cats. They can sleep in any position.

11.  Leave them alone with the cat for five minutes, and someone will end up very annoyed!

12. How to have a good time on Father’s Day.

13. Looks like the pump’s broken. Don’t worry, I’ll fix it!

14. Mom said not to lay a finger on the cake. But she didn’t say anything about using my teeth!

15. One might say this child is very sweet. In this case, quite literally!