10 Real Reasons Why Relationships Fail.


When two people get into a relationship, it takes a lot of effort from both the persons involved to make it work. Sometimes, in the initial phase of the relationship, people give in their more than hundred percent. However as the time passes by people start taking the relationship either too lightly or they take it for granted.

However there are times when you can feel that relationship really not going anywhere. You will come to know that your relation is falling apart by some the signs that you will notice in your relation.

Here are the reasons why a relationships fails :

1. Lack of trust.

If you can’t trust one another, your relationship is destined to fail. Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship.

2. Co-dependence.

People need to be happy with themselves before they can be happy in a relationship. If you are relying on your partner for your self-worth, your relationship is destined to fail.

3. Bringing baggage from the past

Whether it’s baggage from a bad breakup, baggage from your party days, or some other form of baggage, it will cause problems in your relationship. You have to leave all that behind and be ready to start fresh.

4. Being unavailable to your partner

If you are never there, whether it’s because of work, school, your friends, etc., your partner will eventually leave. No one wants to be alone in a relationship.

5. Constantly talking negatively about your relationship to friends

If you badmouth your partner or your relationship to your friends at every turn, it spells doom for this relationship. Always try to be positive.

6. Toxic chemistry

Some couples are just toxic when they’re together. If you find that things always end negatively or you’re bringing each other down, your relationship won’t last.

7. Cheating

When one person cheats on the other, it almost always results in a breakup. Even if you and your partner stay together, it will never be the same.

8. Flirting with other people

If you are constantly hitting on other people or flirting with everyone you meet, your partner will get jealous. It will eventually lead to major problems.

9. Lack of communication

You and your partner need to communicate openly. If you bottle things up or don’t tell your partner what you want, it will lead problems in your relationship.

10. Commitment issues

If you are unwilling to commit to your partner, it will likely lead to the end of your relationship. This is especially true if marriage is vitally important to the other person.