Yes these images of metro train are real ! Click to see more.


Have you seen any of the hilarious thing happened while travelling using public transport? I think, NO. Do not worry and explore here with these nasty and strange things. While riding in a subway, metro or rail form of public transport, we can experience various bizarre things to happen under the earth’s surface which is beyond one’s belief.

Let’s check out the images and have a great laugh:

You Forgot Something?


Thank God! His belly got stuck. Looks Comfy.

“Hee haw” Let Me Go! I Am Zebra Man!

Balancing Two Vase Plants On A Guy’s Head

It seems to be true to why hold it in your hands, when you can easily hold it on your head.

OMG! Such A Rainy Weather

Nice Portrait

People With Personal Space And Comfy Issues.

Hohh! Man With Girlish-Dress

Are You Looking For More Comfort?

Tomato Costume!

Looking For More Comfort?

Nice Place Practicing Being Spider Man.

Taking Too Much Space On Public Transit. Child-Like Swinging! Relaxing!

Dining Table