Signs Of Ovarian Cancer That Might Kill You Silently.


Ovarian cancer has been dubbed ‘The Silent Killer’. Similar to many other cancers, it doesn’t show any symptoms for a long time. When it does, the symptoms are very non-specific and can point to a number of different conditions – both serious and benign. The sad reality is that when ovarian cancer is finally diagnosed, it has often already spread, which makes your treatment options limited.There are some early warning signs you can look out for.

But you need to combine your observations with other factors, as you don’t want to be jumping to conclusions too early.

Keep a healthy balance between denial and hypochondria

Firstly , don’t panic. As mentioned before, your symptoms can mean many different things. The chances that you actually have cancer are very small. Ovarian Cancer National Alliance points out that for every 100 women whose symptoms match those of ovarian cancer, only one would actually have early-stage ovarian cancer.

The most common type of ovarian cancer includes epithelial tumors, which form in the thin layer of tissue that covers the outside of the ovaries. These tumors occur in 90 percent of cases. The rarer types are stromal tumors, which develop inside the ovaries’ supporting tissue, and germ cell tumors, which begin in the egg-producing cells.

That said, if you do feel something is odd, you shouldn’t just ignore it. People are terrified of cancer and still perceive it as an incurable disease, so they often want to hide from the fact that something is wrong with their bodies. But that of course only makes it worse, as you’re losing precious time. MedicineNet states that only 20 percent of women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed early, when the disease is most curable. So, if you feel that certain symptoms persist and are unusual for you, go and check them out. Better safe than sorry.

Continuous gastric and indigestion  problems

  1. Emptying the bowel is getting difficult

  2. Your morning routine might get affected deeply as ovarian cancer causes a lot of harm
  3. Constant lower back pains


    The pain is tremendous and often unbearable. You must go to a doctor.Low back pain, especially if it radiates to the pelvic area.

  4. Clothes are getting tighter below your abdomen level

  5. Wearing these kinds of clothes can help. Tight clothes provide support and keep the body firm. This is required alot.
  6. Rapid exhaustion

  7. This might get crazy for workaholics as exertion can make you mad on yourself. This is one of the most common symptoms of this cancer.Many sociologists, psychologists and cultural critics argue that the rapid spread of exhaustion syndromes such as depression, stress and burnout are consequences of modernity and its challenges. The argument goes that human energy levels have basically remained static throughout history, while the cognitive, emotional and temporal demands on the modern subject have increased so sharply that a chronic deficit of inner resources ensues. The most frequently named ‘exhaustion generators’ are the social changes resulting from acceleration, new technologies and the transformation of manufacturing into service and finance economies.
  8. Painful intercourse

    The most pleasurable thing in the world might become a huge pain for you. Ovarian cancer makes intercourse hellishly painful. Want your love life back ? Get it treated!

  9. After sex, the vagina relaxes and causes the uterine lining to shed. Sex also releases the hormones to make the cervix soft, which is usually the first step in menstruation.