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Being a mom can be stressful. There’s plenty of things you need to do and remember. You’ve got to keep your children washed and dressed and fed and schooled and all those kinds of things. It’s hard enough at home. So just imagine what looking after a rabble of kids must be like when you’re doing the grocery shopping around Walmart… Especially when they’re tagging right alongside you, being annoying. It must be easy to make a little bit of a parenting error from time to time. And that brings us here. To this post. Fifteen of the most hilarious Walmart mom fails ever snapped.

This collection will have you shaking your head so much, you’ll need to be careful it doesn’t fall off…..

1.Pink coats

At Walmart, you know as well as we do, that you can get your hands on pretty much everything. In fact, there’s almost nothing that you can’t buy there. Including, as it seems, small children in pink coats. Unless… Hold up – we see. It’s the trolley owner’s kid. Rather unusually ‘seated’ in among all the actual shopping. Poor little thing. Still, it doesn’t look very comfortable… But we do quite like her Dr. Shasta hat.

2.Child slave labor

Kids can be a bit of a nuisance when you’re trying to shop. So why not put them to work? Make use of them. Don’t pay them, obviously. That would be child slave labor. But you can reward/bribe them. Buy them something from Walmart while you’re there. Like this Walmart mom. She’s employing her kid as a set of extendable arms. Perhaps in return for a Dr. Shasta hat. Sounds like a good deal to us…

3.Walmart Mom

Here’s a Walmart Mom that’s clearly trying to blend in. You can tell this because of two things. First of all, she’s wearing camouflage. And secondly? She knows how many other moms shop in Walmart while dressed rather scantily. So she’s fitting right in. And presumably embarrassing her daughter. Mostly for not wearing pants. But also for donning a bizarre olden days military cap. It’s all very strange.

4.Little versions of proper humans

Kids. They’re only small, aren’t they? Tiny little versions of proper humans, they’re all below our line of sight. They’re easy to miss. Although the line of sight thing doesn’t apply for parents in wheelchairs. So to escape view, rugrats have to think smart. They need to dip down out of sight. Like this kid. He’s worked out how to stay out of his mom’s vision. And how to catch a free ride.

5. Trunk of the car

Groceries go in the trunk of the car on the way home from the store, don’t they? Yip. Kids often go in shopping carts when they’re going around Walmart. But when you’re unloading in the parking lot? You’ve got to differentiate between the two. Or else you’re left like this mom. Loading her offspring into the trunk of a car. Which, we’re guessing, probably breaks a few laws… So this counts as a massive Walmart mom fail.

6. Shapes and sizes

People come in all shapes and sizes. It’s part of the fun of life to see everyone’s unique individuality and shape and look, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Well, this lady may be taking the biscuit… ALL the biscuits. Baby got back. ALL the back. Well, you get the idea. If she were to start twerking, the state would go on instant earthquake warning. Still, her shape works for her kid. He’s getting an good view, after all.

7. Unusual scene

Not an unusual scene, this. A mom and her daughter walking down an aisle in a Walmart, doing a little spot of grocery shopping. A nice time to work as a team and do a little bit of bondage. Mom can offer shopping, budget and cookery advice as they shop. But not, sadly, fashion advice. After all, when your mom sports a t-shirt saying, ‘I LIKE IT AGAINST THE WALL’, you’re probably better off coming up with your own style.

8.Dogs. And detectives

What goes on leads? That’s right – dogs. And detectives. What doesn’t go on leads? Cats. And kids. That’s agreed upon, common knowledge. But not to this Walmart-prowling mother. She’s hooked up her sprog to a bit of string. But, because her kid’s not a dog, he’s not walking about on the lead willingly. In fact, this failing mom’s dragging her kid about the place. Which isn’t massively cool, is it? FAIL.

9.White trousers .

A delicate subject, this. We all know what’s happening here, so we won’t go into the details. Look, it’s a risk and it can happen to most women (at a very specific point in the month, obviously). But white trousers? Oh dear. NEVER a good idea. Luckily this girl doesn’t look old enough to understand what’s happening, let alone be embarrassed by it all. Which is lucky for her.

10. Cardboard box becomes a rocket ships.

Kids love to play. Mostly with toys. But little ‘uns are often pretty imaginative and can turn anything into a makeshift toy if they’re bored enough. A cardboard box becomes a rocket ships. A banana becomes a laser gun. A plastic bag becomes… Well, a potential killer. So, let’s all learn from this Walmart mom’s fails and not make the mistakes ourselves, huh? Don’t let kids play with extremely dangerous things. Are we all agreed? Super.

11.Low-slung pants

A lot of old timers get cranky about kids and their low-slung pants, don’t they? Constantly complaining about how far down their butts they are. It’s just a fashion trend though, isn’t it? So it’s understandable. When we’re all old, we’ll no doubt whinge and moan about how the youth of the day act. But with this Walmart mom, she deserves all the abuse she gets for this jeans-based fail. It’s not a strong look.

12.Poop !!!

Little kids poop themselves a lot, don’t they? It’s just what they do. And parents of little kids have to clean up a lot of pop. Again… It’s just what they do. And when you’re faced with a drive back home from Walmart, the last thing you want is a poopy diaper stinking the place out. So, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do… Just don’t get snapped by someone. Otherwise you’ll end up on a Walmart mom fails list.

13. Burger buns

We all know about the ‘People of Walmart’ thing, don’t we? Swarms of weirdos dressed shabbily, lurking about your local Walmart. Well, those pictures get a whole worse than this one. For starters, this woman’s actually got a pretty decent figure. We’re just not all that sure that she really needed that many slashes in her pants. Or that her kid needed to see it…

14. Little more short.

15. This is so funny.